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11 November 2021


When you get praise from another person, know that something is happening :) Thank you Mateusz Tyl for inspiration for the first article on our blog.


Indeed, thinking outside the box is, on the one hand, an advantage, and on the other hand ... a bloody fight for yours. Why? People work according to patterns. This is how our brain is constructed. He does not have to make a special effort when he has a specific, mapped path. When suddenly someone with a crazy idea appears, all possible warning lights will light up. But wait! it is not a collapse, but an attempt to break into a sustainable world. What happens then? Attack. Attack on new ideas, attack on change and an attempt to get rid of the intruder. And that's why many companies stand still. Many people do not develop what they dream about. Because fear and aggression towards a new idea are stronger.


A person who has high creative thinking skills is actually gifted, let's call it - a certain talent. Through various techniques you can exercise your creativity field. However, the biggest challenge is still the fight to keep the idea alive. With a strong character and some persuasion, you can convince others to enter a different side of the force. However, not everyone succeeds in this.


Therefore ... why think outside the box, if most people ignore it anyway, laugh at it, tapping their forehead and calling them crazy? Just to be successful. Smaller or bigger, preceded by failure. But there is no way that no trace of it will remain.


And here we come to marketing. Each specialist has his or her own vision of improving the condition of a given company. However, what loses people who "do" marketing in a given company is the template. Duplicating what the competition is doing. And when the customer has to choose a service provider - it turns out that he has a number of identical options to choose from ...


The business owner is afraid to take a different path. I'm not surprised. And if someone suits the situation that stagnation is an everyday day - then there is no problem. Worse, if you want your company to be as unique as you say about it in your leaflet. Because how is she supposed to be special when you do the same as others? You're guided by people from the environment - it is appropriate, it is not. You want a unique logo, and yet you're stuck in the colors of an industry in which you've been thriving for 10 years ...


What would happen if you really allowed yourself to open your mind to a different approach?


And here's a little tip for you:

"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas." I came across this quote in a book on efficiency. And I must admit that he is quite right about him. Nobody is alpha and omega - you won't suddenly come up with a golden shot. But that golden shot could be on your list of 100 crazy marketing ideas for your business. When referring to social media, make a list of 100 ideas for a post related to the topic. What do you think will come out of this?


And I will conclude all this with the words of Mr. Alfred North Whitehead - "Stupid" idea is the first sign of an entirely new event. " Do what you want with this sentence now. Take action, or have a glass of wine and wait for the genie from The Witcher;)






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